About Us.

Better Mental Health, Better Lives

BasicNeeds-Ghana is a mental health and development advocacy organisation that implements and promotes initiatives to transform the lives of people with mental illness or epilepsy by providing access to integrated mental health care, social and economic services in the communities of Ghana. In the process, we empower these individuals and their families, while involving communities, other organisations and the government at large in a bid to influence public opinion and shape policy which would enable people with mental illness or epilepsy live and work successfully in their respective communities.

Where We Work

BasicNeeds-Ghana operates the Model for Mental Health and Development either fully or selected modules of the model in 155 districts, municipal and metropolitan areas across 14 of the 16 regions of Ghana. The organisation implements initiatives directly and through implementation partners in these operational areas. BasicNeeds-Ghana operations in Ghana is divided into through operational areas namely:

How We Work

BasicNeeds-Ghana implements the model for Mental Health and Development (MHD), an innovative, user and community centered development model developed by BasicNeeds UK Trust to meet the mental health treatment needs of people with mental illness or epilepsy, increase awareness and influence public opinion, policies and practices, and assure a means to a secure livelihoods for people with mental illness or epilepsy, their carers and families.

Mental Health & Development Model